Geet Govinda V


Kasinath Jena
Geet Govinda V
  • 18 inches X 18 inches
  • 2001
  • Signature : Lower Right

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About The Artist

Kashinath Jena started in post-independent India in early 50’s and his name illuminates as a Northern Star in the universe of the Modern Art movement from Odisha. Born in Kesinga, Odisha, the globally renowned artist has imbibed the artistic aesthetics of the western world, masterly infusing this sensibility with the stylistic features of his own form of art that is rooted deeply into the rural traditions inspired largely by folk arts like the Pattachitra. A diploma holder in Fine Arts from Khalikote College of Arts, his brilliant artistic journey commenced as an artist-cum-photographer in the Dept. of Health, Government, Odisha in 1967. After doing internationally acknowledged courses like Audio/Video for Micro Teaching & Communication and Audio Video from British Council, he attained the reputation of a global artist. His achievement as a painter lies on his mastery of blending multiple art forms, imageries and presentation that pertains within the confines of lyrical lucidity, which forms his quintessential style of painting naturalistic motives from the mundane to the metaphysical, experimenting with plethora of opposite themes juxtaposing each other like Purusha & Prakriti, Light & Darkness, Transparency & Translucency - all with an intense simplicity where every contour seems clearly pronounced and every stroke is a journey of varied textures.

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