Kidding in Dreamland


Anup Chand
Kidding in Dreamland
  • 48 inches X 48 inches
  • 2016
  • Signature : Lower Right

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About The Artist

For Anup Chand who was born in Bhograi, Balasore, a district in Odisha in 1973, his home was his first art school, where the traditional jhotis, murujas and clay idols gave wings to his imaginations which found expression into higher realms of painting later on in his life. Since he had always taken inspiration from his nearby surroundings, his narratives, imaginations, fantasies and realities that manifests in his creations are all inspired by his realistic, post realistic, conscious and subconscious elements, which marks his creative as well as aesthetic individualism. A PhD holder from the I.K.S University, Khairagarh, his signature style is to create vibrant yet soothing colour palettes, where high textured 3-D effects are achieved with the tricky utilization of colour which, when imposed on the elements, mingles with the background in a smooth transition. A multi-award winning artist, who has worked in numerous artists' camps and exhibitions all over the nation, his paintings are fantasy-scapes, which are mystifying in the impossibility of their probability and where the plants and animals form a major part. He focuses on 9 rasas and religious themes such as myths and legends, illustrating divinities, literary illustrating poetry and romances.

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