Manash Ranjan Jena


48 x 36 inches

Acrylic on canvas


Signature At : Right Bottom

This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.

About The Artist

Manash Ranjan Jena, born on 21st April 1968 in a small village of Mayurbhanj district of rural Odisha, is one of the most influential and renowned visual artists in India of our generation and cannot be restricted to the title of a figurative artist who paints feminine figures only. Rather he is a ‘Figurative Feminist’, who uses his canvases as catalysts to bring into focus a wide range of social and emotional issues faced by women in the male dominated world. Educated at B.K.College of Art, Bhubaneswar, each of his canvases reflect the ugly truth of sexual politics, dichotomy and hierarchy of our society like a mirror. Jena has a confident yet delicate approach in the approximately 300 odd canvases he has painted, where he has captivated the theme of a centralised female character, juxtaposed by different other visual elements. Known to bring rich textures into his art, the artist's paintings are collected by many famous people and organisations including Little Charlie (son of Charlie Chaplin), Living Colour Exposition Switzerland, Atlanta Hotel Zurich among others. Working as a faculty at B. K. College of Art, Bhubaneswar since 1991, he has received multiple awards throughout his career including Orissa State Lalit Kala Academy for painting TEMPLELION in 1997, Orissa State Lalit Kala Academy Award for Sketch in 1987 and many more.

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