Pradosh Swain

Pradosh Swain, born on 4th June 1972, had been staying all over Odisha, owing to his father's transferable job. His repeated visitations to his own village, the scenic Bandala, Tangi, however, was where his heart and soul lay and became an important factor towards his interest in landscape studies. Even after becoming a gold medalist from the B.K. College of Art and Craft under Utkal University Bhubaneswar, Swain's themes have always been preoccupied with watercolour landscapes and cityscapes on an everyday basis. In 1995 he joined the Odisha State Museum as an artist but shifted his base to Delhi in 2006 to pursue his passion of arts, focusing on conceptual art practice. A renowned name in contemporary and modern art scenarios today, Swain's work has been inspired heavily by Salvador Dali and his surrealist expressions. His craft reflects the nature lover that he is and his leaf motifs and patterns are synonymous of his famous signature style. He attained the Senior Fellowship under CCRT in 2019 and his current passion Raga - the music of life, is a unique series that celebrates the genesis of ragas becoming a pertinent part of Indian classical music. Like each raga pertains to a mood or atmosphere or one of the nine rasas, Swain's canvases too strive to recreate those moods and invoke specific feelings in the audience when they witness his work. His Zodiac sign collection is another prominent feather in his illustrious cap in which, through iconography and abstract expressions, he takes out the innate metaphors and explores these signs' impact on human emotions.

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