Murali Cheeroth

Murali Cheeroth, who has exhibited in more than 100 significant shows all around the world for the past two decades, focuses on the aquarium culture, the co-existential living that happens in our planet from personal to impersonal spheres. Deriving a wide array of sources, from cultural nooks and crannies, he portrays them through deep conversation with the history of representation of fine art, visual media, cinema, architecture as well as music. The artist, who has even taught in CEPT, Ahmedabad, Kanoria Centre for Art, Ahmedabad, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore and Chennai, contemplates closely at the ideas of infrastructure, re-construction, speed, technological advancements, its change, intersections of the global as well as the local and multi faceted layers of urban identities.


Seeds on the Left bank of River

Memory Palace

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