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Acknowledged to be one of the most trusted and influential art galleries in North India, Galleria VSB has carved a unique place for itself in the kinetic world of art and art lovers. Located in the heart of South Delhi, this gallery has an intuitively curated collection of traditional and contemporary art and sculptures created by both national and international artists of repute. Works by established and emerging artists are continually added to refresh the collection and offer a spectacular array of visual triumphs that evolves with every passing day.

Galleria VSB is acclaimed for its collections of heritage textiles, folk art, early lithography, oleographs/serigraph, old Nathdwara paintings, Pattachitra from East India, Tanjore paintings from the South, old 'calendar' style of painting depicting the pantheon of gods and goddesses, portraits of women and freedom fighters.

Since its inception, Galleria VSB has promoted traditional, contemporary as well as dying art forms through exhibitions, art camps, workshops, publications, documentation and outreach programmes. The gallery has made a concerted effort to help traditional craftspeople to survive and find a market for their products.

The aim is to collect works of art that enthuse the aesthetic aspect of the viewer's sensibilities, while challenging the intellect. The aim is also to arouse high levels of interest to explore each work in depth - an exploration that slowly divulges the various layers of meaning the piece of art is imbued with. A tour around the gallery is a veritable voyage of discovery that can take an art aficionado on an endless peregrination that can be satisfying, exciting and exhilarating in turn. The unique Logo of the Gallery represents the underlying guiding force of Lord Jagannath revered as the Lord of the Universe and manifested in the form of his illuminant eye encased in a triangular pattern.

House of VSB ensures that you only get the finest and the splendid jewels because we care!

The talented team of our expert gemologists handpick each gemstone to make sure that only the exceptional and the finest gems are picked, in creating the remarkable and aesthetic wonders. These dazzling jewels are handcrafted to perfection especially, for our customers.

Our refined and detailed craftsmanship translates the vivid imagination of our creative and accomplished designers into our trademark ethereal jewels. The designing aspect is meticulously handled to offer a unique and magnificent finesse to the connoisseurs.

Vandana Bhargava

Galleria VSB was founded in 2007 by Vandana Bhargava, a jewellery designer of international standing, whose lifelong passion has been the exploration, revival and preservation of various schools of Indian art. She has been a passionate collector for over two decades and brings her artistic knowledge and emotional attachment to these creations for the benefit of her patrons and collectors. The skills and deep knowledge that she has acquired in her pursuit of jewellery design have added a unique dimension to her selection of art and sculptures for the gallery.

Alongside paintings, she has also enjoyed collecting artefacts, conch shells and sculptures in metal, stone and wood. Her feel for traditional schools of art has sparked her interest in evolving a bridge between traditional and modern sensibilities, which has resulted in adding depth and vibrancy to the collection.

In recent times, she has dedicated considerable time and effort to promote and preserve dying crafts like filigree work and helping to support the artisans. Drawing on her creative strengths and her intuitive understanding of the art world, she ensures that both artists and art lovers find what they are seeking in full measure.

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