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Gwalior                                                                                   1952



National Diploma in Fine Arts, Gwalior                                 1974

National Diploma in Sculpture, Gwalior                                1978




Gwalior                                                                                   1976

Bhopal                                                                                     1976

Gwalior                                                                                   1978

Bhopal                                                                                     1978

Gwalior                                                                                   1980

Jabalpur                                                                                   1980

New Delhi                                                                               1980

Indore                                                                                     1984

Ahmedabad                                                                            1985

Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi                                       1986

Chemould Art Gallery, Bombay                                             1989

Art Hertage, New Delhi                                                         1990

Bombay                                                                                   1990

Bombay                                                                                   1991

Genesis Art Gallery, Calcutta                                                 1982

Bombay                                                                                   1982

Rashtrya Lalit Kala Kendra, Bhubaneswar                            1996

Taj Art Gallery, Bombay                                                        1997

Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay                                                1998

Gallery Shes, Asahikawa, Japan                                             1998

Gallery Tokeida, Saporo, Japan                                              1998

ABC Gallery, Banaras                                                            1999

Art Indus, New Delhi                                                             2000

ART INC, New Delhi                                                                        2000

Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal                                                           2001

Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai                                                        2004



Several Regularly exhibitied in various Art Exhibition in India and Abroad From 1976.







Bharat Bhavan Inaugural Show, Bhopal                                1982

Some Aspects of Indian Art, New Delhi                               1985

Bharat Bhavan Binnial, Bhopal                                              1986

Fine Arts from Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi                         1987

Uplabdhi 28 Artists of M.P. Bhopal                                       1987

Seventeen Indian Painters, Bombay                                       1988

Artists Alert, New Delhi                                                         1989

Indian Eclectics, New Delhi                                                   1989

Xal PRAXIS Foundation Print Exhibition, Bombay             1990

Seventh Triennale, New Delhi                                                1992

Imprints On Our Time, Bombay                                             1992

International Show Comart, Korea                                         1992

Young Contemporary Artists from SAARC   Countries       1992

Souvenr den France, New Delhi                                             1993

Trends and images, Seema Gallery, Culcutta                         1993

Drawing  94, Gallery,  Espace, New Delhi                             1994

La ou Fint  L absence, Bhopal                                                1994

TATTOOED  Spaces, New Delhi                                          1994

Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi                                       1994

Artist from Madhya Pradesh, Madras                                                1994

The Art Trust Collection Bombay                                          1994

Defiant Ones, Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay                         1995

Bangla Desh Beinnale, Dhaka                                                1995

Moving Away from Traditions, The Easel Art Gallery Chennai           1995

Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi                                             1996

Harmony  Snow, Mumbai                                                       1996

Art from the Land of Heart, Art Indus, New Delhi               1996

Exposition Lalit kala Akademy, New Delhi                           1996

Gift for India by Sahmat, New Delhi                                     1997

Major Trends in Indian Art LKA, New Delhi                        1997

Harmony Show Mumbai                                                         1997

Tribute to Mother Teresa,  Art Indus, New Delhi                  1997

Asia Print Adventure, Japan                                                   1998

International Print Triennial in Kanagawa, Japan                   1998

Art Foil Inaugural Show, Chandigarh                                                1998

Surya Gallery 6th Anniversary, Exhibition, Hyderabad         1998

Inaugural Show of Crimson Art Gallery, Mumbai                 1999

The Millennium Mask Dhoomimal  Art Centre, New Delhi   2000

Black & White by art today, New Delhi                                2000

Graphic Expressions, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai            2000

Combine Voices for the Century, Art Inc. New Delhi           2000

Art for Concern, Mumbai                                                       2001

Exhibition of young Indian Contemporary Artists

Gallery  Espace,  New Delhi                                                   2000-01

Contemporary Indian Painting

Kleinsassen, Fulda, Germany                                                 2001

Asia Print Adventure, Japan                                                   2003

4th Egyptian International Print Triennale                             2003

An expression of Art by Gallery Vyakt, New  Delhi             2003

Gallery Art & Rugs,  Gurgaon                                                2003

Habiart Gallery, New Delhi                                                    2004



M.P.State Award                                                                    1977,80,81

All India Kalidas Award, Ujjain                                            1977

All India Exhibition MKKP Raipur                                       1976,77

M.P.Youth & Social Welfare  Award                                                1979

All India drawing Exhibition, Chandigarh                             1984,85

State Raza Award, Bhopal                                                     1984

Bharat Bhavan Biennial, Bhopal                                            1986

National Award LKA New Delhi                                          1987

International Asian European Biennial, Turkey                      1990

Indian Eclectics Exhibition, New Delhi                                 1989

Govt.of India Fellowship HRD Ministry, New Delhi                        1989-92

QIONGDAO International  Print Biennial of China             2000

Shikhar  Samman by Dept. of Culture, Govt. of M.P.           2001

Raza Foundation Award                                                        2004



All India Sculpture camp Gwalior                                          1974

Gwalior Artists Camp Gwalior                                               1976

M.P.Artist Camp Bhopal                                                        1976

LKA Graphic Camp, New Delhi                                            1977

Students Camp, New Delhi                                                    1977

Mural Camp, Cancer Hospital, Gwalior                                 1977

Metal Casting Camp, Gwalior                                                1977

Graphic Camp, Gwalior                                                          1978

All India Artists Camp LKA Bhubaneshwar                         1980

Painters Camp by J&K Academy, Sringar                             1985

All India Artist Camp, Manipur                                             1990

International Painters Camp, Goa                                           1991

C.M.C.All India Painters Camp, New Delhi                          1992

All India Painters Camp, Pune                                               1993

All India Painters Camp, Bhopal                                            1994

All India Painters Camp, Rajamundri                                     1994

All India Painters Camp Lucknow                                         1994

Art & Nature International Camp, New Delhi                       1995

All India Print  Making Camp, Jaipur                                     1996

All India Artist Camp J&Kashmir                                          1997

All India Artist Camp, Karnatka                                            2000

All India Prints Makers Camp, Bhopal                                   2001

All India Painter's Camp, Jaipur                                             2003

All India Artist's  Camp, Barog  H.P.                                     2003



Collected Folk and Tribal Arts for Roopankar

Museum, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal

Member Govt. Nominee of M.P.Kala Parishad                      1990

Member of Executive Board M.P. Kala Parishad

Govt Nominee                                                                                    1995

Set up Graphics Workshop, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal

Collected folk & Tribal Art for the Festival of India

in Japan.

Documentation of Craft and Craftmen of Dhar, Jhabua

District of Madhya Pradesh for Craft Museum, N. Delhi

M.P.Govt Nominnee for LKA                                               1989

Member  of Executive Board of LKA                                   1984

Member of Programme Committee of SCZCC,Nagpur

Invited by Turkey Govt.                                                         1980

Invited by French Govt.                                                         1990-91

Convener Waterless Lithography Camp, Bhopal                   1994

Collaboration with Tamarind institute america, LKA &

Bharat Bhavan.

Nominated and served as Member of jury for

several National Exhibitions including  LKA,

Kalidas Samman M.P. Culture Dept,

Rajasthan Art Biennial, South Central Zone Nagpur

Andhra Pradesh Kala Akademi, M.P. Kala Pradesh,

Raza Award Exhibition etc.

Invited by  Asia Print Adventure Committee, Japan

commissioner Ist Eastern Print Biennial


Member of 3rd International Biennial of Prints

Committee by Bharat Bhavan

Member of Several Committees of LKA, N.Delhi.

Lecture on Asian Spirit organised by

Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art Japan.

Lecture on Prints of Future organised by

Asahikawa Sculputure Museum Japan.

Wirte up on Contemporary Print Art Published by

Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai.

Contributed an article on Art in Kalavarta Periodicle,

many other Art magazine.






National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.

Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.\

Garhi Studio, New Delhi.

M.P. Kala Parishad, Bhopal Roopankar Museum.

Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal

Orissa Lalit Kala Academy, Bhubaneshwar.

Cancer Hospital, Gwalior.

Municipal Corporation Museum, Gwalior.

Manipur State Lalit Kala Academy, Imphal.

Sanskrit Pratisthan, New Delhi.

U.P. State Lalit Kala Academy.

Nag Foundation , Pune.

SCZCC, Nagpur.

NCZCC, Allahabad.

CMC's, New Delhi.

Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy.

National Institute of immunology, New Delhi

Many Private Collections in India and Abroad.

including China, Japan, France, U.K., UAE., Turkey




Working with Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.




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