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Raghunath Sahoo is a popular artist from Bhubaneswar, India. He completed his studies in art from BK Art College in 1995. His watercolor paintings are known for its in depth realism and natural essence. Raghunath is more inclined towards painting real life scenes including children, old people, still life and many more.

Watercolor is often considered as a tough medium to work with. With this in mind, we can call him as a “Watercolor master“. Indian watercolor realism just reached its peak with artists like him. A remarkable feature of his paintings is the way he uses light. This element plays a vital role in a watercolor painting. His paintings carry this great feature in every possible way.

His watercolor works closely outline scenes from India’s rural life. Here I have selected some of his paintings so that it will be an inspiration for all the watercolor lovers and our readers. Some of the paintings are true example for magical realism in watercolor. Apart from this medium, he does acrylic paintings with deep subjects in a realistic manner.


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