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Orissa-based Kashinath Jena`s approach to art is unique and colorful. His works are highly imaginative. Right from his Radha Krishna series that evokes the sensual lyricism of the famous treatise Gita Govinda to the Buddha collection that depicts serenity and peace, Jena`s paintbrush dabbles with subjects that are folk, traditional, narrative and modern.

Painter Jena displays his best creations in this exhibition. Painter Jena uses naturalistic motives of an inherent simplicity in which every contour is clearly outlined as though provided for a basic exercise in colour and composition; however, the rigour with which the forms are rendered and his works composed gives them the formality of conventional figuration. His subjects are reduced to simple forms and the surface of his painting is enriched by varied texture and the free use of representational motives.   

Lord Krishna has surely spawned a lot of wannabes. Certainly for his success with the women, at least. Here`s some of them on Kashinath`s canvas.

Kashinath is a Cuttack-based artist, and the paintings are mostly figurative, baring about three abstract ones. They have been finely painted with acrylic colors on canvas, and appeal to onlookers for their bright colors and the rural serenity.

A majority of these paintings feature cowherds flirting with young and beautiful women under the trees while grazing their cows (the Krishna-Gopika style). The works being figurative and simplistic in nature, you can easily read through the images and get immersed within.

Jena`s style of painting involving embossed white outlines which arrests the colors within them, grips you at first glimpse. These make the paintings look different, artistic and conventional.

Kashinath Jena was born in 1943, and has a Diploma in Fine Arts from Khalikote Arts College. He has also done a course in Planning & Production of Visual Aids from New Delhi, and in Audio/Video for Micro Teaching & Communication and Making of Animation Films from UK. He is a senior artist and has exhibited his works at various parts of the country, in galleries like Lalith Kala Academy, New Delhi; and Lunier Art Gallery, Jahangir Art Gallery and Nehru Centre, Mumbai. This is his first show in Hyderabad.

Jena`s works have been widely appreciated, and have fetched him awards like Best Artist from the Directorate of H & FW, Orissa in 1960; Best Artist from Working Artists Association, Orissa; and the Indo-National Society Economic Foundation Award during the Orissa Art Camp at Lalit Kala Kendra, Orissa.

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